ServiceNow and Box Power the Future of Work for the Enterprise

New integration provides access across platforms to an enhanced collaboration and employee experience

ServiceNow®(NYSE:NOW) and Box, Inc. (NYSE:BOX), two industry-leading cloud services companies that drive digitaltransformation for enterprises across industries, announced theyare integrating their platforms to providecustomers with an enhanced collaboration and content management experience for their most important business processes. The two companies are boosting productivity for workers, making it easier to securely collaborate on their most important content and make work, work better for people.The new capabilities give employees directaccess to important documents and folders stored and managed in Box’s cloud content management platform, directlyfrom the Now Platform®, whichhelpscompanies deliver great employee experiences through the easy management of businessprocesses across the enterprise, including IT, HR, customer service and security.

“Today’s employees expectgreat digital experiences, at home and at work. That means it’s more important than everfor companies competingin the war for talent toembrace technology that makes the employee experience simpler, faster, better,” said CJ Desai, chief productofficer atServiceNow. “The integration of Box with our cross-company workflow platform gives employeeswhat they need, where and when they need it and is an important step in our mission to make the world of work,work better for people.”

“Digital businesses of the future will be driven by best-of-breed applications connecting to each other and ensuring that people can collaborate on content wherever they work,” said Jeetu Patel, chief productofficer at Box. “Withtoday’s announcement, teams using the Now Platform will be able to create new users and groups, as well as securely access, preview and share files rightwithin the Now Platform. We are excited to be working withServiceNow to make collaboration on enterprises’ most critical content seamless, simple and secure.”

Powering Digital Business with ServiceNow and Box

ServiceNow developed the Box integration with ServiceNow’s IntegrationHub, which enables anyone to automate complex processes with codelessworkflows in an intuitive, natural language user interface. Theintegration willallow companies and their employees to:

  • Increase productivity– Workers willhave faster, more flexible access to Box content from within the Now Platform by leveraging common Box actions like the ability to provision users, search for files, create groups, share content and create collaboration folders to associate with cases being worked on.In addition, userscan now preview their files—including PDFs, images and text files—without ever having to leave the Now Platform.
  • Streamline onboarding of employees– Through ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, companies can provision a new Box account on day one so employees have early access to all the applications and tools needed to be successful. Companies can also easily manage an employee’s account when thereis a role change while maintaining the security and governance capabilities of files stored in Box.
  • Customize at scale– Companiescan easily andquickly build their own workflows to meet their business needs and customize the Box integration with ServiceNow Flow Designerand ServiceNow IntegrationHub.

The integration is scheduledtobe available onthe ServiceNow Store this year.

Driving Seamless Collaboration in the Enterprise

As part of the ongoing relationship between Box and ServiceNow, Box has committed to building a set of native integrations with ServiceNow solutions like ServiceNow IT Service Management, ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, among others. The integrations, which are expected to be available in the ServiceNow Store earlynext year, will provide customers with easy-to-use content management solutions for their most common business processes, including the ability to:

  • Securely access Box content directly from within ServiceNow records, enhancing users’ overall content experience by enabling them to preview, share and manage folders and over 140 different file types. For example, customer service representatives will be able to upload files related to an issue into a Box folder that is linked to the case record in ServiceNow.
  • Automatically link specific Box folders to ServiceNowrecords, providing ITservice representatives with quick and easy access to the content they need when and where they need it, streamlining popular workflows within ServiceNow.
  • Save files directly to Box from the ServiceNow interface, ensuringthatenterprises’ most valuable content is protected by Box’s leading security and governance capabilities, including Box Governance, KeySafe and Box Zones. For example, when new employee forms are submitted through ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, the files will maintain adherence to the highest security andcompliance standards.

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