Driving An Icon: Volkswagen Golf GTI

By Shereen Shabnam There are few cars that become an icon whereby its design DNA and character remain recognisable for decades. And Golf GTI is one of them. For over four decades, Volkswagen has been reinventing this icon of sporty, compact cars while retaining the original concept – generation after generation. The newly designed and engineered Golf GTI is perfect for our needs today and while it is compact, it suits the needs of pretty much every age group and profile. EXTERIOR The new generation of Volkswagen Golf GTI remains as defined as ever, with a distinctive C-pillar, roofline framing, … Continue reading Driving An Icon: Volkswagen Golf GTI

Practical Family Sedan: Opel Insignia

By Shereen Shabnam The first thing I notice as I get into the Opel Insignia is the space. It has more leg room and feeling of space than most of the recent sedans I have driven. The Opel Insignia is a practical, easy to drive car for a large family because of the in-cabin space. This was my first drive in an Insignia and it offered more features than I expected given the price point in our market. EXTERIOR The new Insignia Grand Sport has a sleek modern design and distinctive persona, that lives up to its name. The 17 ” … Continue reading Practical Family Sedan: Opel Insignia

Sleek, Elegant and Muscular: McLaren GT

By Shereen Shabnam Recently we ventured onto the streets of Dubai in the new McLaren GT experiencing it high levels of performance, turning heads because of its sleek design and enjoying similar levels of comfort and space normally expected in a Grand Tourer. The new McLaren redefines the modern GT ownership experience with a car that is lighter, faster and offers greater space, comfort and usability. EXTERIOR Sleek, elegant and muscular, the superlight new GT is a compelling blend of beautiful design, high-quality innovative materials. At almost 4.7 metres long, the new McLaren GT is longer than any of the … Continue reading Sleek, Elegant and Muscular: McLaren GT

Bold Styling & Enhanced Features: GMC Yukon Denali

By Shereen Shabnam The new GMC Yukon Denali as a full-size SUV presents the capability, refinement, safety, performance and connectivity most our GCC discerning customers expect. Whether on the highway or on off-road terrain, the new Denali is versatile with dynamic off-road features, comfort and modern styling. The new Yukon has a bold exterior design and meticulous craftsmanship reflected in the interior and combines powerful capability with maximum levels of comfort. EXTERIOR The 2020 Yukon distinguishes itself with bold exterior styling, a precision-crafted interior and more standard features designed to broaden the appeal of already one of the industry’s most … Continue reading Bold Styling & Enhanced Features: GMC Yukon Denali