Bigger, Better, Bolder: All-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe

By Shereen Shabnam We recently spent a week exploring the UAE with the completely redesigned Chevrolet’s iconic full-size, all-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe which has emerged bigger, bolder and better for 2021, boasting an impressive interior and unmatched technology. The new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe’s off-road capability has been transformed and comes back better equipped and efficiently balances performance and practicality. It drives and feels like the most capable, most confident and most connected Tahoe than ever before after having been through a complete transformation. It combines the strongest aspects of its new full-size truck architecture with entirely new systems tailored for … Continue reading Bigger, Better, Bolder: All-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe

Comfortable and Innovative: Audi A3

By Shereen Shabnam We recently turned heads with the latest Turbo Blue Audi A3 that impressed is with its dynamic design, increased power, innovative technology and the premium interior. The driver-centric design features a virtual cockpit display that keeps the driver, top-of-mind with premium materials and finishes that makes the cabin a pleasure to be in. Exterior The new A3 Sedan comes in compact proportions but with an attractive sporty design. The wide Singleframe and large air inlets at the front end accentuate their dynamic character and puts a stronger emphasis on the wheel arches. The shoulder of the body … Continue reading Comfortable and Innovative: Audi A3

Driving An Icon: Volkswagen Golf GTI

By Shereen Shabnam There are few cars that become an icon whereby its design DNA and character remain recognisable for decades. And Golf GTI is one of them. For over four decades, Volkswagen has been reinventing this icon of sporty, compact cars while retaining the original concept – generation after generation. The newly designed and engineered Golf GTI is perfect for our needs today and while it is compact, it suits the needs of pretty much every age group and profile. EXTERIOR The new generation of Volkswagen Golf GTI remains as defined as ever, with a distinctive C-pillar, roofline framing, … Continue reading Driving An Icon: Volkswagen Golf GTI

Practical Family Sedan: Opel Insignia

By Shereen Shabnam The first thing I notice as I get into the Opel Insignia is the space. It has more leg room and feeling of space than most of the recent sedans I have driven. The Opel Insignia is a practical, easy to drive car for a large family because of the in-cabin space. This was my first drive in an Insignia and it offered more features than I expected given the price point in our market. EXTERIOR The new Insignia Grand Sport has a sleek modern design and distinctive persona, that lives up to its name. The 17 ” … Continue reading Practical Family Sedan: Opel Insignia