Healthy Habits Matter

By Shereen Shabnam I am the queen of being a workaholic and often find that my little Mac is surgically attached to my being even if the cords that bind us may be invisible. Being a workaholic often means I sacrifice my personal time to work and I reckon my Porsche Cayenne Turbo has had more spa days this year than I have had in years. However, since I met my amazing guidance counsellor, Maggie Williams, I have learnt to incorporate some simple steps into my daily routine that has made a difference and I am delighted to share this … Continue reading Healthy Habits Matter

In the Eye of the Storm

Now is the Time for Edgewalkers   Edited By Susan Furness, Edgewalker Senior Associate   US-based Dr Judi Neal offers a heartfelt observation on the troubling realities world over, showing how the Edgewalkers can help. In 2006 she wrote the book Edgewalkers, people and organizations that take risks, build new bridges, and break new ground.   In the Middle East, Edgewalkers International is represented by the well-known brand strategist Susan Furness.   The original article was penned by Dr Neal for the Edgewalker Blog    “The world is on edge. I’m on edge. I can’t tell if we are on the edge … Continue reading In the Eye of the Storm

New exhibition by Artissima Art Agency and Sakoo Art School at d3

Fourteen artists showcase their work through creative mediums at Archiade Atelier Artissima Art Agency, in collaboration with Sakoo Art School in Tehran are displaying the remarkable and magnificent artworks of 14 Iranian and two Emirati artists at the Archiade Atelier at Dubai Design District until the 28th of March, 2021. The opening reception was inaugurated by Dr. Agrippa Damba, Executive Governor at African Finance Regulatory Authority (AFRA) and President of the African Central Bank (ACB) along with other distinguished guests. Artissima and Sakoo have successfully collaborated in the past for the UAQ Art Festival 2020 and the Italia in Arte … Continue reading New exhibition by Artissima Art Agency and Sakoo Art School at d3

Fragrant Notes

Nishrat Nazeen, Founder and Curator of Aromas Fiji The pandemic has inspired people all around the world to focus more on being clean, hygienic and healthy and this vision has led many around the world to invest in inspiring projects and products that focus on keeping everyone around cleaner and safer. Aromas Fiji was initiated by Nishrat Nazeen, a PR Professional based in Nadi, Fiji Islands during the pandemic to encourage people to use more soap and relax with fragrant candles and ultimately embrace a lifestyle that focuses on wellbeing. In a candid interview, Nishrat tells us more about her … Continue reading Fragrant Notes