The Growing Need to Focus on Mental Wellbeing in Covid Times in the Workplace

Maggie Williams, Executive Coach at Thriving Hives In these unprecedented times of Covid 19, when the whole world has been in lockdown, and society, governments and businesses have been challenged like never before, mental wellbeing is now at the forefront of many HR departments. While wellbeing programmes are now common in company policy, there is still a long way to go for companies to take on board the need for mental health awareness and support! With companies closing by the minute, isolation through working from home, the fear of the virus, and the uncertainty of constantly changing government rules of … Continue reading The Growing Need to Focus on Mental Wellbeing in Covid Times in the Workplace

It’s Time To Call The Heart To Work

Founder of UAE-based Strategic Solutions, Susan is a charismatic marketing strategist with an eclectic career path known for successfully balancing the corporate world with often unusual personal development initiatives and well-being as a Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach, an Integral Facilitator and an Edgewalker Retreat Leader, among others. Her expertise is rooted in identifying growth opportunities at new market entry for start-ups, SME’s and multinationals. Susan is known for curating forward thinking business strategies, helping teams embrace challenges as opportunities, as well as authoring powerful new brand narrative. However, with her strategic nose being so different from the crowd only the … Continue reading It’s Time To Call The Heart To Work

An Ode to Virtual Facilitation

My facilitation experience has been extensive to say the least, across all levels of organizations; there’s really not much that I haven’t been asked to perform, or have not experienced in formal presentation terms. Yet each and every one has strengthened my facilitation kit gearing me up to face any unexpected reality. By writing these words, the floodgates on ‘memorable facilitation experiences’ has indeed opened. Ahh, the impact from covering the 600-wide audience with a physical substitute for the ‘workplace glass ceiling’ (fabulous experience yet logistical nightmare!), uggh, the loss of voice throughout the global rollout, ahh, the thrill of … Continue reading An Ode to Virtual Facilitation

Passionately Crafted

Rohit Dhamani, Director of Wholesale & Manufacturing – Dhamani Group of Companies Dusoul is envisaged as a passionately crafted jewellery brand, born from the desire to develop collections with a more accessible price point whilst ensuring that the key components of the Dhamani group, quality, craftsmanship and design, are retained. Shereen Shabnam meets with Mr. Rohit Dhamani who has been with the Dhamani Group of Companies in 1992. Tell us a bit about yourself and working within a family business? I am the second eldest son in the family and work alongside my father Mr. L.N Dhamani and my brothers … Continue reading Passionately Crafted