The Digital Reality of Reputation Leadership.

In an interview with Anu Bhatnagar, Alternative Strategist Susan Furness suggests the fine line of Reputation just got finer. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent people, societies, and corporates back to basics on the cusp of a massive shift; from here to questioning – where do we want to go, what kind of world do we want to build and what truly matters. Trust is crucial is all of this. An economic definition suggests Trust is a person’s confidence in the honesty and integrity of someone they don’t personally know. Post-Covid Trust has emerged as a high-value currency, almost a beacon … Continue reading The Digital Reality of Reputation Leadership.

Clean Beauty: Peacefull by Salama Mohamed

By Shereen Shabnam As a journalist, I have met Salama Mohamed and her husband, Emirati content creator Khalid Al Ameri, a number of times at events and have always felt that as influential power couple, they are the most authentic social media personalities emerging out of the UAE. Their day-to-day life and banter is what we most relate to living in the UAE and their down to earth personalities and ready smiles make leave a warm and positive impression on people they meet. Salama has spoken about her skin being super sensitive a number of times and she sought to … Continue reading Clean Beauty: Peacefull by Salama Mohamed

Investing in the Future

SunMoney Solar Group is primarily in the business of building and acquiring solar power plants. Shereen Shabnam gets insights about the company from Gabor Eisenbart, Founder of SunMoney Solar Group  (GE) and Zoltan Rendes (ZR), Partner and CMO SunMoney Solar group. Give us an overview on SunMoney and its core business in this region GE: We are running the largest community solar program in the world by enabling private and individual investors to invest and earn through the sale of electricity generated through our plants to the utilities. Investors buy usage rights in our solar parks by watt output and … Continue reading Investing in the Future

Israel announces cultural highlight events at the Dubai Expo 2020

Israel’s pavilion at EXPO2020 today announces its series of cultural and entertainment events that will take place during the EXPO2020 in Dubai from 1st October 2021 – 31st March 2022. Highlights include; January 9th 2022, which will see the celebration of Israel’s National Day. Israel’s High state officials, will be in attendance to launch celebrations. On the 22nd and 23rd there will be a special performance by the Jerusalem East and West Orchestra conducted by Israeli Maestro Tom Cohen. Israel’s culture and entertainment schedule will include more than 20 events and shows, hosted in the Israeli pavilion, additionally, every Thursday … Continue reading Israel announces cultural highlight events at the Dubai Expo 2020