Good Governance

Nishrat Nazeen, Founder, Aromas Fiji As a small business owner, my entire business model is run on trust from suppliers, disteributors and retailers. Good governance has to be built into the DNA of a company and the individual associated with the company.. Trust can add value and increase visibility of the company through word of mouth, without spending serious marketing dollars. Using high quality materials in products, paying suppliers on time and being transparent and accountable to the distributors, retailers and the end users are basic elements of good governance. Having a good reputation will lead to long-term continuity of … Continue reading Good Governance

The Greatest Show on Earth Concludes

Shereen Shabnam Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s greatest show concluded with a spectacular closing ceremony. As the venue was part of our life for six months, we say farewell by featuring some of our favourite pavilions, expo partners and attractions on site that put a smile on our faces. Nissan – Our Favourite Expo Partner Our motoring centric team were vmost excited with the Expo’s Official Automotive Partner, Nissan. The brand showcased its global expertise, regional heritage, and forward-looking vision and leveraging Expo’s global platform, Nissan spotlighted its Ambition 2030 goal to empower mobility and beyond. The six-month extravaganza, Expo … Continue reading The Greatest Show on Earth Concludes

Johor to Position Malaysia as an ASEAN Technology Hub

Eric Dury One of the highlights at Expo for our team was visiting the Malaysian Pavilion and attending the activations by the dynamic operations team. We enjoyed attending the Johor Week at the Malaysian Pavilion during week 22 of the World Expo with the theme “The Southern Jewel of Malaysia”. During this week, the State of Johor showcased Malaysia’s best in digital, logistics, real estate, infrastructure and construction services as well as agriculture. The Johor State Economic Planning Division (BPENJ) as lead ministry, with Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) as the implementing agency had a full business program with numerous pocket … Continue reading Johor to Position Malaysia as an ASEAN Technology Hub

Health Prioritised, Meals Customised

‘Health is an investment you make to have the life of your dreams.’ Araj Hassan, CEO Tell us about when and why you set up VMeals? – VMeals was set up right after the lockdown ended locally, in the third quarter of 2020. The motivation behind setting up a healthy food company came from my personal journey and connection with food! Suffering from renal failure in my early teens, it was right changes in my diet that helped me recover when all medicine failed. I am from an entrepreneur family background, always wanted to take things in his own hands. … Continue reading Health Prioritised, Meals Customised