AESG Expands Regional Presence with New Office in Saudi Arabia

Economic and sustainable development targets set by Saudi government for 2030 open new opportunities in the development and energy sectors. 

Underpinned by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Plan 2020, the Kingdom is well underway with the implementation of ambitious economic and developmental actions across multiple sectors. AESG has already been involved in several projects that form part of this vision and are now set to enhance the delivery of their services in the Kingdom with the establishment of a fully-staffed operations hub in Riyadh.

In line with the Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom has set clear economic and developmental KPIs to be achieved. Government entities and private organizations through strategic partnerships are aggressively working towards the implementation of large scale initiatives and the achievement of these indicators. “By clearly outlining targets across various sectors such as the built environment, waste management, energy efficiency and the use of resources, the vision set by the government of Saudi Arabia provides a clear roadmap for economic development plans within the Kingdom.  We can see that the concepts of sustainability and resource efficiency are deeply embedded within the NTP 2020 and this aligns very strongly with our core competencies as a firm.” explained Saeed Al Abbar, Managing Director at AESG.

AESG has an established track record in the Kingdom having worked with a number of private and public sector organizations as well as government entities over the past few years including the Public Investment Fund (PIF). This work includes environmental and sustainability assessments for large scale masterplan developments, fire and life safety consultancy services for world class retail and residential developments and façade engineering services for a number of high rise buildings in Riyadh. Most recently, AESG were awarded a large assignment to oversee the commissioning and surveying of a large portfolio of real estate assets in Riyadh. “Through our extensive body of work, we have established strong links with key clients in both the private and public sector who valued our offering and were eager for us to establish a more permanent presence in the Kingdom,” said Mr. Al Abbar.

While AESG’s Saudi Arabia hub is located in Riyadh, the team is also highly active in Jeddah and the Eastern region. The company is set to soon announce the appointment of its country manager and is on track to increase the size of its team to over twenty consultants in the Kingdom by the end of the year. This investment is driven by the demand for AESG’s unique suite of specialist and technical advisory services.

Outlining AESG’s strategic roadmap for Saudi Arabia, Mr. Al Abbar said, “Our objective in any market and our key strength is to work alongside clients when they are faced with their greatest challenges. This has been the blueprint we have adopted in KSA and it has proven successful to date. We are committed to investing in the Saudi market and our goal is to support the Kingdom in achieving its NTP 2020 and Vision 2030 objectives.”

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