High-quality Employee Service Experiences

Interview with Pat Wadors

Chief Talent Officer – ServiceNow

ServiceNow makes work better across an enterprise by getting complex multi-step tasks completed seamlessly with applications that automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes. This applies to Human Resources, as well, to create a better experience for employees.

ServiceNow recently announced practical product integration software that helps customers using ServiceNow HR Service Delivery and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to deliver high-quality employee service experiences.

Mutual customers already using ServiceNow for HR Service Delivery and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central around the globe will be able to immediately benefit from the consistent, comprehensive experience this integration enables. ServiceNow software can provide organisations and employees fast and personalized service across the enterprise and improve employee productivity, satisfaction and the reputation of HR.

We met with Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer of ServiceNow, at the Knowledge18 conference in Las Vegas, to find out more about the relevant and personalized service experience, appropriate information and suggested actions provided by the software, all while automating the required workflows across relevant departments and systems.

1. ServiceNow software provides employees fast and personalized service across the enterprise. Has this improved employee productivity and satisfaction from your customer feedback?

Yes it has. Employees want others to know who they are, and it is important to quantify the employee experience.

There are three basic things we look at:

1. Culture – policies and practices of the company

2. Systems – the better you make it, the easier it is for the employees

3. Environment – plays a key role in retention of staff

2. How do you develop Solutions that help simplify and streamline HR processes, and reduce time spent on administration?

HR heads look at both technology and collaboration as keys to strengthen their function and the business. Our role is to help peers focus on onboarding and solving moments that matter day-to-day and do regular surveys for employees. ServiceNow is special as they are focused on the customer and their success.

3. Which HR systems and products you find are most important for productivity, employee engagement and retention?

Most effective are systems that assist employees with their onboarding – ensuring they have the tools, information and training necessary to not only survive but also thrive in their new company. On boarding touches key stakeholders across an enterprise and bringing that together in a seamless, contextual way that knows the employee and what they need – is key to their success and satisfaction. Another key area that is transforming is learning – delivering bites of information, using videos – when I need it in a format that works for how I learn is the most impactful way to learn and retain information. We see a high success rate for this.

4. Tell us about SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and how has the new product integration helped customers?

It certainly has helped to deliver high-quality employee service experiences across the enterprise.

5. What are Chief Human Resource Officers digitising or automating currently?

Some of the HR tasks being digitised include Payroll, performance management, recruitment, and benefits management, retention, on boarding, career planning and continuing education. We focus on keeping it real.

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