A Polynesian Affair: Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts

Recently we headed to Lapita hotel, the UAE’s only Pacific island-themed family resort for the re-opening of the Hikina Restaurant which serves delicious Pan-Asian and far East food. We sampled some of the exquisite dishes after a wonderful traditional lighting of the torch sunset ceremony (Ahi – Ahi) and island dance shows from Fiji Islands.

The Ahi-Ahi Ceremony, meaning sunset in Hawaiian, takes place daily as a ritual that celebrates Polynesian heritage and begins with the blowing of the Conch (Pu), followed by the lighting of the torches to mark the beginning of the magical hour. Highlight of our visit was trying dishes at the Hikina Restaurant.

Inspired by the Hawaiian word ‘Hikina’, which means ‘East’, the restaurant celebrates an explosive roller coaster of Far Eastern tastes that draws on an exotic spectrum of textures and aromas, to bring guests a sumptuous, authentic, and wholesome dining experience.

An ode to the history of the Lapita tribe, which departed Asia on a journey to explore and settle throughout Polynesia, Hikina helps diners explore the diverse range of Far Eastern cuisines by elevating the well-known, casual street food experience with gourmet dishes and exclusive cocktails in a serene environment.

We tried some signature dishes such as Indonesian Chicken, Glazed Salmon, nasi goreng, and Singaporean Noodles, all of which remain loyal to their origins to maintain the essence of true street food flavours. At Hikina guests will immerse themselves in dimly lit, and intimate dining space with a lively open kitchen that will certainly add to the authentic atmosphere.

The ambience made us feel  at home as every detail of LAPITA hotel is made with the magic of Polynesia in its soul and the spirit of ‘aloha’ in its service. From the thatched-roof to the bamboo-lined ceilings and tribal furnishings, every detail is authentic.

The hotel offers a dedicated conference centre with a 710sqm ballroom, which can be partitioned into 4 sections, as well as 7 meeting rooms with day light and access to an outdoor terrace for private coffee breaks/lunch, rooms and event facilities for companies who don’t want to do business as usual.

LAPITA is part of the Autograph Collection Hotels, a collection of individual, independent hotels selected by Marriott for their ability to create one-of-a-kind guest memories through enriching travel experiences. The hotel’s name was inspired by the pre-historic Pacific Ocean people and their journey and settlement into the islands, known as the Lapita movement.

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