Add spice to your meals as Jongga Kimchi launches on!

Eric Richard

I fell in love with spicy food after living in Kuala Lumpur for nearly 20 years and sometimes I get cravings for a touch of spice when having my regular meals.

I find that kimchi is a versatile dish that goes with all kinds of food as a salad, as a condiment and the best thing is that it ready to eat with almost no prep time so you can keep it in the fridge and eat it all week with different types of meals. Kimchi is known as a healthy dish for the prevention of many diseases as it has great properties.

Jongga is clearly the best of Korean food products and that it is now available at the Korean Food Pavilion on Fans of Korean food can buy Korean Food on such as Kimbab, TteokBokki and Cheeseball and now, Kimchi from Jongga is newly launched on for those who want quality kimchi delivered to their doorstep.

As the most famous and premium Kimchi brand from South Korea, Jongga kimchi offers the most authentic taste of Kimchi. I ate mine with rice, prawns and vegetables.

There are some great ways to eat kimchi and If you are trying it for the first time and need ideas, there is a QR code you can scan that sends you a site with ideas on preparing delicious meals.

Jongga Kimchi is available on now and get the best price!


Link: Korean Food Pavilion on

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