ZorroSign Awarded for Global Sustainability Leadership

2022 Sustainability Award Winners Announced by the Business Intelligence Group

ZorroSign, a global leader in blockchain-based digital signature solutions, today announced its acceptance of a Sustainability Leadership Award from the 2022 Sustainability Awards program presented by the Business Intelligence Group. The Sustainability Awards honor those people, teams and organisations who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice or overall mission.

“For some ‘sustainability’ is an initiative, and for some a mission,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “We are so proud to reward and recognise all of our winners and finalists who have made it their mission to help protect our environment.”

The Sustainability Awards honor those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice. For-profit and not-for-profit organisations of all sizes submitted nominations to reward team members and gain exposure for the organisation, its initiatives, and the exemplary accomplishments of its leaders as they work to reduce their impact on our environment.

“ZorroSign is thrilled to be awarded with this global recognition,” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO and Co-founder at ZorroSign. “To be listed with 2022 winners such AstraZeneca, Dow, Honeywell, HP, Verizon, the UAE Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, and so many other renowned organisations is both humbling and tremendously flattering. I am incredibly proud of our team and our technology.”

ZorroSign’s multi-chain blockchain platform unites digital signatures, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), artificial intelligence and machine learning, patented fraud prevention, user authentication, and document validation to efficiently address the challenges of digital document security for businesses, governments, and individuals around the world.

ZorroSign is dedicated to advancing sustainability while advancing new technologies, promoting a paperless life and leading sustainability programs that support environmental conservation. The company’s Save-a-Tree, Plant-a-Tree program, for example, plants a tree on behalf of customers every time they save 8,000 pages of copy paper. As one tree produces roughly 8,000 pages of copy paper, this amounts to a double incentive: Reducing the destruction of trees via reduced paper use, plus increasing the number of trees as a reward for reducing paper use.

“At ZorroSign, we use this blockchain to help individuals, businesses, and governments to achieve a paperless life,” added Hadi. “We understand that switching to digital records is not only a smart business decision, but it is also good for the environment. Every time someone uses ZorroSign to digitally sign and send documents—instead of printing, delivering, signing, copying, and storing paper documents—we all save trees, save water, and reduce carbon emissions.”

To learn more about ZorroSign’s multi-chain blockchain technology and the company’s commitment to sustainability, visit ZorroSign.com

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