“W Capital” announces the sixth winner of their draws

** An Emirati national cashed Dhs100.000

“We continue making offers to encourage real estate sales,” said Walid Al Zarooni

The Emirati national Zakaria Yahya Rashid, won a prize of Dhs100.000 in“W Capital’s” 6th draw.

The draw was carried out in the presence of a representative from the DED, who drew the winning coupon in the name of the Emirati citizen.

This is the sixth time in a row that a UAE national has won the award, as Shaima Mosaddeq won the fifth draw, which was organized on the fifth of last January, and Aisha Saeb won the fourth draw on the fifth of November 2021.

Emirati citizen Mubarak Al Darmaki also won the third draw from July 1st  to August 29th, and was preceded by the young Hazza Al Hosani in the second draw  which was held from May 1st  to June 29th , 2021, while an Emirati woman also won the first draw, which was organized from March 1st  to April 29th , 2021.

In March 2021, W Capital launched five prizes worth Dhs100.000 each, with a total value of Dhs500.000. It is the largest prize in the Middle East offered by a real estate brokerage, while the company announced an additional prize of Dhs100.000 last April.

“We congratulate the winner for receiving the award, and we affirm the continuation of our promotional offers that attract customers and will provide the best services to customers in order to stimulate real estate sales in the Emirate of Dubai,” Walid Al Zarooni, Chairman, said.

He stated that all regulatory procedures were taken into account for the last draw, which lasted nearly two months and was held on May 20th, 2022, with terms included buying a property unit with the help of  “W Capital”  so that the customer can compete for the big prize.

Al Zarooni added that the Emirati citizen is considered the largest investor in the real estate sector in Dubai, according to the latest reports issued by the Dubai Property and Land Department. He noted that Dubai provides the best environment for living, working and investing, in light of the highest standards of quality of life and happiness standards, pointing to the necessity of youth to invest early in the safer sectors such as Dubai real estate. The emirate is known as one of the largest markets in the UAE and the Middle East, in terms of buying or renting.

Al Zarooni indicated that he adhered to all the requirements of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai that are required to organize such withdrawals, amid high levels of transparency while ensuring fair chances for all customers who comply with the conditions. The withdrawal process was transmitted in a live broadcast via his official page on “Instagram”.

The Chairman stressed that these offers and awards are one of the companies’ means in activating real estate sales and attracting customers to increase the purchasing momentum of individuals and companies while highlighting the attractive investment opportunities available in the market.

Walid Al Zarooni revealed that W Capital is keen on marketing the most prominent real estate brands in the UAE and increase investors’ and end users’ options. They also market all real estate categories, ranging from projects directed to people with medium and limited incomes, to luxury projects and complexes.

Al Zarooni said that the real estate sector in Dubai is experiencing a state of renewed momentum, and is recording record levels in terms of sales and real estate transactions, amid continued strong demand.

W Capital specializes in real estate development, sells, buys and rents real estate, provides real estate consultancy, and their list of clients contain  more than 70 real estate developers.

It is worth noting that the total value of draws organized by “W Capital” so far amounted to Dhs1.5m.They included winning an apartment worth Dhs450,000, as well as 3 Nissan Petrol cars, each worth Dhs150,000, in addition to the  5 draws  with total prizes of Dhs500,000.

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