Arkay Jewellery Unveils its Latest Drops

A fine jewellery brand with lifetime pieces, designed with the highest quality at attainable prices.

Dubai-based jewellery designer Resham Khan unveils Arkay,a fine jewellery brand with lifetime pieces, designed with the highest quality at attainable prices. 

Arkay started as a passion project with a small collection of pinky rings, it was born out of Resham’s love for Jewellery since the age of 12 when the first piece was designed. The brand consists of fine pieces of jewellery, with each piece as a testament to its value. Arkay is created to be a luxury jewellery brand which is playful and of high quality, made using precious and semi-precious stones while still being affordable. The founder’s mission was to build Arkay with these pillars at its foundation, and really create great value for her customers. 

Arkay is the go-to jewellery brand for all things playful and elegant, from the perfect pinky ring and minimal high-quality hoops to emerald and rainbow tennis bracelets – the brand changing the standard of fine-jewellery one piece at a time. Today Jewellery is a brand that creates high-end pieces with quality execution for a reasonable price tag, essentially, aiming to have the best of both worlds available on its own e-commerce platform. The quality of the pieces in Arkay are unparalleled in the UAE, and the brand is best recognized for their signature Rainbow tennis bracelet.

“Beautiful, high-end, quality jewellery is my number one priority, and to share that with my clients and customers makes me happy. A perk of Arkay is that it’s a direct-to-consumer brand, ensuring the best quality at affordable prices. Which is why I give importance to my e-commerce platform,” says Resham Khan.“I want to create pieces that come from the heart and inspire, and that’s how Arkay thrives.”

Arkay’s drops are made of a spectrum of stones – Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, and some are even Zircon. Every piece has its stones, and they are all specially chosen for that piece. With stones sources from all around the world, and depending on the nature of the item, manufactured in countries such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Dubai ensuring each and every piece has its own unique journey.

With the support of a great team of 6, and an incredible passion for jewellery and putting the consumer first, the sky is the limit for Arkay Jewellery.

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