My Dearest Preserver Investor

 Walid Al-Zarouni

A real estate expert – Chairman of “W Capital” real estate brokerage

Opportunities are increasing within the Dubai real estate sector, where billions of sales deals  are taking place on a daily basis, which reflects robust demand and rewarding attractive opportunities for investors seeking for the best returns.

My brother, the preserver investor, these billions are recorded as monthly sales in Dubai. Are all these investors doing wrong and you are the only man doing the right thing? You should reconsider the great opportunities offered in the real estate market.

My brother, the preserver investor, there is a price correction that drove real estate prices down to good levels, and you are still in the zero square, where you stick to a wrong position for more than two years.

My brother, the preserver investor, you must make your mind, or else the opportunity will pass you by, and it may take several years for such conditions to occur once more in the real estate market in Dubai .

My brother, the preserver investor, I see that the real estate sector always proves you are mistaken, going beyond the limits of your preserver thinking and always overcomes your expectations. Real estate investment is a long-term investment, in addition to preserving the value of your money.

My brother, the preserver investor, think always about what real estate offers to you and your future generations, such as your children and grandchildren. Every dirham you invest in the real estate sector is a value reserved for you. You can retrieve it at any time or keep your money to increase in value over the time.

My brother, the preserver investor, there are many ideas that prove your vision is wrong. Try to get rid of hesitation, because on the economic side, refusing to seize opportunities is a loss, so make up your mind quickly and trust in Allah, so success will be your companion in real estate investment.

My brother, the preserver investor, the developers and banks operating in the UAE market offer unprecedented facilities and incentives for buyers.

My brother, the preserver investor, If you are a renter and plan to own a property, then this is the right time to do so. Prices will continue to rise during the coming period, to higher levels, and the value of rents will also rise. It is wise to abandon rents, which may be close to the value of periodic installments offered to buy and own a property.

My brother, the preserver investor, Dubai real estate is undervalued nowadays, and is steadily moving towards achieving the best price levels in the medium term. Whether it is for the purpose of living or investment, these are the best market conditions you may face.

My brother, the preserver investor, be patient before making a decision. Studying opportunities is a good thing, but don’t waste a long time postponing your decision to invest just because you are not aware of the nature of opportunities in the market. Therefore, it is preferable to consult experienced well-known brokerage companies who have records of positive performance in the real estate market in the emirate of Dubai.

My brother, the preserver investor , Dubai has become the best real estate destination in the region and even in the world, and buying a property will not be a crisis and selling it quickly  is easy if necessary. Dubai real estate is a good store for the value of money, in light of the decline in the value of other assets that suffer during the period of crises.

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