*BIZWAYS Marketing Management to host event titled ‘Face of Emirates’ to honor expatriate business community on 27th of December 2021*

BIzways Marketing Management on Thursday announced during a press conference its plans to host a prestigious Award show to honor the inspiring expatriate business community of the UAE on 27, December 2021 in Dubai.

BizWays Marketing Management, Chairman and host of the event Yahya Mohammed Alblooshi said, Expats have assumed a fundamental part in the accomplishment of this nation – there is no denying it. The way things are, approximately 80% of the UAE population are expats, with Emiratis making up only 20%. Expats have made an entirely important commitment to enterprises in the UAE, a couple as well as numerous areas, like business, assembling, work and development. ‘Face of Emirates’ is basically a tribute to aknowledge the contribution of Expat business community over the past 50 years, who are delivering their outmost services for the development of this great country . We are giving tribute to expats in Golden Jubilee month of our country.

BizWays Marketing Management MD Aslam Sarkani said UAE has a positive take on everything and it is dynamic place. There is such an energy in making things better and a ‘can do’ attitude is general. The services are amazing, people are very friendly, and there are so many different activities to suit all tastes. UAE always open its arms to make people, from all around the world, feel welcome.

Yahya Mohammed Alblooshi added Face of Emirates will be a celebration for the expats from our local community. We proudly together give them tribute for their contribution in development of our country. We want to honor our expat community on 27th of December 2021 by awarding them with the title of Face of Emirates. I am proud citizen of UAE, the country who always warmly welcome and appreciate expats. We gave them opportunity to work with freedom under law and we trust them for their capabilities.

BizWays Marketing Management CEO Engr. Sabah Rajput thanked all the dignitaries and respected guests. She said that it is an honor for her that she is part of organizing committee for the Face of Emirates. She added I’m happy to be living in UAE, which I call my second home. The UAE is blessed with leaders who believe that ‘Anything is Possible’. We proudly can say that our part for development of UAE will be beneficiary to not only UAE locals but our own generations as well and this is the beauty of UAE. Always feel safe & secured.

Chairman of Company Mr Yahya Mohammed Alblooshi added we are inviting Royal Families, Big Business men from our local community so that together we can appreciate our expats and give them tribute in form of “Face of Emirates” and will celebrate together 50 Years of the Nation.

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