Inspire as you Empower

By Shereen Shabnam

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth – Leo Tolstoy

For any business to prosper, I strongly feel that the three principles of simplicity, goodness and truth is crucial. Sometimes we get so caught up with the mundane things in life that we forget to pay attention to the simple things in life that matter and we tend to ignore technologies that can make our life so much easier. (This is my immediate thought after my eufy Robovac cleaned my living room at the push of a button)

The last few years have been challenging and countries have faced upheavals in different areas that has affected them economically, politically and environmentally. It was difficult enough having to deal with the pandemic simultaneously and while governments tried implementing structural reforms to deal with one problem at a time, it seemed that as one fire was put out, another one started.

Thankfully we have come across leaders who gave everyone hope by inspiring and empowering them to mitigate these challenges, often by leveraging technology. We have seen the retail industry in particular thriving by embracing new technology trends. These trends have been fascinating and now provide an integrated user experience for consumers, patients who cannot leave home and food kitchens that are not able to serve food in public. This has led to an evolving start up community focusing on making life easy.

Before the pandemic, I would not have thought of shopping online for instance or have my doctor deliver my prescription to the house but these simple conveniences certainly has made me feel good and has provided new jobs to many who otherwise would have been without an income. These start up technology companies continue to inspire me and I admire how many people they have empowered by coming up with new services that make our day-to-day life easy.

My favourite App (Apart from my favourite cake delivery) is the new Odiggo App that does everything I need done for my car with the touch of a button. As a petrol head, my car inevitably has more spa days in a few months than I have in a year so having my car washed, serviced and repaired with a service provider of my choice at a competitive price without leaving my house is empowering.

Entrepreneurs are now harnessing the power of technology to develop new services, collect useful data and using insights, they offer fresh ideas and services to consumers. Leveraging technology gives accurate and truthful data and as Leo Tolstoy said, we can do so much more great things with simplicity, goodness and truth.

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