Rosa Grand Starhotels

The location of the iconic Rosa Grand Starhotels in Milan is a square full of history and splendor, symbolic not always for good reasons but always in the heart of the Milanese like all those places “where the tram turns”. The Rosa Grand Hotel has perfectly fit a problematic corner of Milan since the end of the war and the Milanese who pass under its windows and in front of its elegant entrance are grateful to those who designed and built it. Its guests who – while sitting in the breakfast room – have a view on one of the noblest squares in Milan with Palazzo dell’Arcivescovado and on the two beautiful churches of Santo Stefano and San Bernardino, can reflect on those unique spaces and secret moments in a town that the interior designer Andrea Auletta, as a true Milanese, knows very well.

The spirit of the rooms that Auletta designed for the guests of this prestigious five-star hotel is surprising for plenty of balconies and terraces of intimate beauty in harmonious continuity with the interiors that multiply the space and comfort of a stylish Clientele.

Inside “serious and characterful” rooms an ‘office-like’ armchair invites to examine papers and documents surrounded by bold colours with reds and blues that decorate the beds and the curtains.

Bathrooms do not hide and feature visible solutions with assertive showers almost in the center of the room and invite to the pleasure of awakening. Sometimes bathrooms prefer to enclose in boiserie spaces where the wood or the marble of tile coverings dialogue with the technicality of the taps.

The variety in the furnishings of the rooms is so insisted, that one wonders if regular customers do not choose each time “that” certain room whose characteristics are combined with their character or their mood.

On the ground floor, Sfizio, the Eataly brand restaurant, invites to a discreet and solemn food experience in a green dimension granted with thrifty elegance and creating an educated and sober coolness inside spaces for breakfast and elegant lunch where a rich crystal chandelier introduces a dazzling note.

This Rosa Grand Hotel is so similar to Milan that it would not make sense to have it elsewhere, with the variety of its rooms and the sober quality of its furnishings and architectural proportions as a common element.

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