Business Ethics

By Nishrat Nazeen

Business Ethics in the new age means having a commitment to doing business that makes us accountable and responsible to act responsibly in our day-to-day activities. Companies strive to continuously improve and strengthen business practices, with a focus on dealing with partners, clients and stakeholders with transparency and integrity.

Business must always set a high standard of fairness and ensure that every action by every member of staff is accountable. With intelligent technology being at the forefront of everything we do, it adds an extra layer of responsibility that we conduct ourselves responsibly in every project we take on.

Every business today must have a code of ethics that pays homage to encouraging a society that is built on driving positive change through CSR initiatives that focusses on enhancing knowledge, creativity and keeps in mind elements like health and safety, climate change and sustainability.

The Human resource departments of corporations have a duty to empower teams and be inclusive to all kinds of talents from different backgrounds. Every corporate organisation should have a new employee initiation document that highlights the company ethics and integrity based out the mission and vision of the organisation.

With more emoplyees working from home due to the pandemic, employee trust and corporate ethics is more important than ever as more and more employees have limited access to senior staff on ground during the work day to guide them to do business ethically and responsibly.

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