Industry experts confirmed to speak at IoT Middle East

Focus on business impacts of IoT to be highlighted at Armani Dubai

Industry experts and disruptors of the digital world are confirmed to speak at the sixth edition of the ‘Internet of Things 2019’ in Armani Hotel Dubai from the 20thto the 21stof February 2019.Speakers presenting case studies from Las Vegas, Tour de France, Expo2020, Arsenal FC, Careem, Silicon Park among others will talk about new business models, customer segments and services across industries in the region.

On stage addressing key decision makers in both the private and the public sector will be experts exploring the possibilities of IoT and its role in transforming and shaping the future of the region. The agenda is designed to complement and fuel initiatives already under way.

Magnus Olsson, Chief Xperience Officer & Co-Founder of Careem will enlighten the audience on connecting a region of 700 million people by leveraging digital disruption into mass transport, delivery and finance as well as how to execute digital transformation across industries and regions.

Smart Dubai will be represented on stage by Khalifa Almarri, Director of Infrastructure, Operations Department with Vinay Chandran, Partner, Digital Lead at Digital McKinsey in a panel highlighting six essential core technologies that matters the most for business in Middle East from 2019 to 2025.

This $400 billion worth power panel, which will also have on board SVP Marwan Bindalmon of du and Kevin Pickford, Lenovo with Danish Farhan, CEO of Xische & Co will address trends in AI, Blockchain, machine learning, 3D, AR/VR/MR and automation empowering IoT and making IOT wonderfully complex in the future.

Tom Allen, Lead Sport Scientist of Arsenal Football Club in London will highlight the secrets of winning more often than loosing by bringing data quickly and efficiently to make key decisions and how data influences key decisions for the players.

Dr. Anil Khurana, Partner, Strategy & Innovation at PwC Middle East will talk about IoT in Action and leveraging IoT as a strategic tool to advance your business model.

Futurist, AR/VR/MR researcher, Monica Bielskyte will speak on ‘Designing Futures, from Fiction to Reality and Back’ with highlights that covering prototyping the future, visions of how AR/VR will affect life and business and fictional futures for real cities.

The ‘IoT Middle East 2019’ focuses on the business aspects of digital transformation sweeping across industries, changing business models, opening up new services and highlighting disruptive new entrants.

According to Johan Ehrstrom,CEO of IoT Middle East 2019, “The speakers will provide case studies, objective insights, real-world scenarios once again and we are delighted to introduce workshops on the second day for the participants keen to know more.”

IoT Middle East gives participants the most objective and accurate predictions on business, technology and organization transformation, highlighting how to generate business out of Internet of Things with AI, blockchain and other core technologies empowering it.

Participants can register on www.iot-dxb.comand can benefit from early registration, compared to the normal USD 1395 closer to the event.


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