Transforming the way we work – HP Digital Sender Flow 8500

By Shereen Shabnam

We recently tested the HP Digital Sender Flow 8500, a safe and secure Document Capture Workstation, seen currently as one of the world’s most secure scanning device. While I was hoping the machine would do more than just scan my documents, I was to some extent pleased that it focused on just specialising in scanning and not a multitasking device that did different jobs without being the master of the main job it was intended to do.

Only HP scanners repair themselves from attacks in real time while offering outstanding manageability. This gives you a peace of mind on reliability and functionality. As a writer, I tend to scan multiple documents at once during the research stage and the HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 helped our team accomplish more and faster than before.

We liked the fact that the HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 could handle large volumes at blazing speed. There is an ultrasonic sensor that lets you capture every page easily and even stacks of mixed media.

It is easy to integrate the HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 to different workflow solutions. We were able to scan files quickly with one of the fastest built-in OCRs available in the scanner market.

The machine creates profiles for the types of scan jobs you perform most often.It automatically crops, orients pages, detects colour, straightens and deletes blank pages.

We were able to save our documents as a PDF, JPEG, or text file, and then were given the option to store what we scanned locally, on a network folder, or in the cloud. We could also compress large files for more efficient storage.

The embedded securityfeatures help protect thedevice from becoming anentry point for attackson your network. OnlyHP scanner securityautomatically monitorsthreats, detects intrusions,and validates operatingsoftware to stop threats the moment they start.

The HP Future Smart firmware helps maintain a reliable feature set and user experience across all devices. And the HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk (500 GB) helps keep sensitive data safe, and lets you securely erase files when they’re no longer needed.

Overall, testing the HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 was easy and while we wished it did a few things to save us having different machines for different things, for scanning alone, it was one of the best smart scanning devices we have used in a long time.

What we liked most in the HP Digital Sender Flow 8500

  • Smooth unattended scanning for jobs of all kinds with HP EveryPage
  • Blazing fast scan speeds
  • Scan profiles help automate workflow from capture to delivery
  • Full-size pull-out keyboard for quick data entry
  • Fast built-in optical character recognition (OCR)
  • 150-sheet ADF with single-pass two-sided scanning
  • Managing jobs directly using the 20.3 cm colour touchscreen with adjustable tilt


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