The Audi A6 – Powerful. Versatile. Expressive.

The new Audi A6 sedan is designed to exude progress and sportiness all over. I drove the car after a few days with the Audi A7 so I did not expect the model to impress me as much but it was a perfect drive with the right amount of power and turn head factor for the Dubai streets during cruise hours. Externally, the new model has a wider and sportier appearance while the interior is generously designed to offer a family of four ample room and comfort. There are enough storage spaces and practical stowing options to make the journey … Continue reading The Audi A6 – Powerful. Versatile. Expressive.

Mystical Himalayas

By Shereen Shabnam Nepal is a country that offers a lifetime experience for everyone from around the globe. My adventure in Nepal began with my honeymoon in Kathmandu and Pokhara as a holiday in Nepal offers romance and adventure from the spectacular Himalayas to exotic wildlife safari, exhilarating white water rafting, mystifying variety of flora and fauna, charismatic arts and cultures and some of the best walking trails on earth.  A Himalayan Kingdom, precisely known as the “Land of Mount Everest” and the “Land of Living Goddess-Kumari”, Nepal is dignified by the heroism of its brave warrior ancestors-the “Gorkhas”. As there … Continue reading Mystical Himalayas