A Secure Campus Does Not Have to Come at the Expense of Student Experience

Author: Morten Illum, VP EMEA, HPE Aruba For all the benefits of mobile connectivity, cloud and IoT, these technologies give hackers many more opportunities to find gaps in cyber defences and make their way inside our networks. For educational institutions that have a vast campus and user base, a variety of devices trying to connect to their network and a huge amount of data passing through their systems, this presents a real risk. However, as Universities battle each other in a bid to attract new students and provide the best possible experience on campus, rather than take a conservative approach … Continue reading A Secure Campus Does Not Have to Come at the Expense of Student Experience

McAfee Labs 2019 Threats Predictions Report

By Raj Samani Chief Scientist and McAfee Fellow, Advanced Threat Research As 2018 draws to a close, we should perhaps be grateful that the year has not been entirely dominated by ransomware, although the rise of the GandCrab and SamSam variants show that the threat remains active. Our predictions for 2019 move away from simply providing an assessment on the rise or fall of a particular threat, and instead focus on current rumblings we see in the cybercriminal underground that we expect to grow into trends and subsequently threats in the wild. We have witnessed greater collaboration among cybercriminals exploiting … Continue reading McAfee Labs 2019 Threats Predictions Report

Cybercriminals and the Holidays

By Alain Penel, Regional Vice President – Middle East, Fortinet For most of the world, the holiday season is just around the corner. And in our increasingly connected world, that involves more online activities, from shopping and entertaining to socializing and planning, than ever before. Retailers are gearing up for the biggest online shopping season of the year. They are updating their web presence, adding additional compute resources, prepping their packaging and delivery systems, and stocking their warehouses with inventory. That’s because in today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, it is imperative that online shoppers quickly find what they are looking for … Continue reading Cybercriminals and the Holidays

Winning the Cybersecurity ‘Game’

Author: Tarek Jundi, managing director, Middle East & Turkey, McAfee  Cybersecurity defenses are under unprecedented levels of attack. From old malware foes and newer types, such as ransomware, to sophisticated advanced threats and state-sponsored cyberattacks, breaches are, sadly, now an everyday reality. It’s an ever-changing landscape that organizations face. Take the McAfee Labs 2018 Threat Predictions report.[1] Among its forecasts are an escalating arms race in machine learning as adversaries ramp up their use of artificial intelligence and also a move by cybercriminals to apply ransomware technologies beyond extortion of individuals to higher-value cyber-sabotage and disruption of organizations. In the … Continue reading Winning the Cybersecurity ‘Game’