Cybersecurity Threats to Remote Workers In the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Vice President, Global Field CISO at Fortinet Industry Perspectives Of all the changes brought on by the pandemic, remote working as a standard business model is probably the most transformative. The result for some was improved work-life balance, as 90-minute commutes were replaced by more exercise and breakfast with the kids. But this massive shift, including the shift from trusted computing to untrusted networks, also introduced new cybersecurity threats. With many employees no longer protected by company firewalls and security protocols, new risks were introduced, especially around cloud migration and endpoint proliferation.  Protection encompasses the entire cyber-physical environment of your data, data centers, carriers, users, … Continue reading Cybersecurity Threats to Remote Workers In the Pharmaceutical Industry

Five Key Trends Driving A10 Networks’ Channel Growth in 2021

By: Chris Martin, Channel Leader for EMEA and APAC, A10 Networks 2020 was an extraordinary year and, if nothing else, the last 18 months have certainly accentuated the importance of digital resiliency. Now, as we move into a recovery phase post pandemic, our own research, undertaken earlier this year, highlighted that the workforce won’t return to pre-COVID working practices, and that we should expect a hybrid approach to the office environment. The research analysed how senior IT professionals in communication service provider organisations will adapt to a post-COVID-19 world, and the challenges they face with a more distributed workplace. It … Continue reading Five Key Trends Driving A10 Networks’ Channel Growth in 2021

The Perfect Pide: Babaji at City Walk

By Shereen Shabnam Living across City Walk has not been good for my waistline and my current favourite restaurant is Babaji, the renowned authentic Turkish restaurant that serves crispy hot pide (delicious savoury flatbread) straight from its wood-fired brick oven with different delectable fillings. From sweet to savoury, the authentic Turkish restaurant offers traditional dishes for all tastes. My favourite pide includes Kiymali with minced lamb, tomato pepper and parsley; Kavurmali with fried beef, eggs and mixed leaves; Tavuklu with chicken, onion, pepper, parsley and lemeon, Mevlana with beef, lamb, beef sucuk and kasar cheese; as well as Develi with … Continue reading The Perfect Pide: Babaji at City Walk

Natural Sense of Place: Huus Gstaad

By Shereen Shabnam Someone once said that to get a true feel of Switzerland, you need to visit Gstaad. Having been all over Switzerland in the last few years, we continued our search of unique Alpine experiences and had the most memorable holiday at HUUS Gstaad, a warm homely hotel nestled among the rolling peaks of the Bernese Alps with the best views in all of Gstaad. I travelled with my family and we loved the friendly and down to earth staff who went above and beyond to make us feel at home the minute we arrived at the hotel … Continue reading Natural Sense of Place: Huus Gstaad