Good food & good vibes key to successful events in restaurants

Nelly Borsato

Good food and good vibes are key to successful events in restaurants for several reasons. We recently opened two dining outlets in the bustling city of Dubai and while the two brands Salties Creek and The Deck are very different, the synergies that are common to both include the love for good food, a warm comfortable and friendly vibe and of course both restaurants share a common focus on being sustainable.

Our family of unique, eclectic restaurants in Dubai with experienced service professionals include The Deck at voco hotel on the Palm, Salties Creek at Aloft Dubai creek, Salties and Buffalitos at Outlet Village Dubai.

Our tagline for Salties is hence ‘The only imperfect place where you feel perfect’ and exudes a feeling of being at home among family and at the same time being with friends for fun and long hours of talking and reflecting with amazing views of the city.

While The Deck is attracting clientele keen on fine dining, we find that Salties Creek is attracting events organisers who cater to large groups looking for a venue that is a large open space, has friendly staff and offers amazing views of Dubai. Below are some reasons why we feel events are becoming popular in our restaurants.

  1. Good food is the main reason people go to restaurants. If the food is not up to par, people are likely to leave dissatisfied, which can lead to negative reviews and a loss of business. On the other hand, if the food is delicious, people are more likely to enjoy themselves and recommend the restaurant to others.
  2. Good vibes, or a positive atmosphere, can make or break an event. People are more likely to have a good time if they feel comfortable and relaxed. This can be achieved through things like good lighting, comfortable seating, and friendly staff.
  3. Good food and good vibes go hand in hand. When people are enjoying themselves and feeling good, they are more likely to appreciate the food and savor the flavors.
  4. Successful events in restaurants often depend on repeat business. If people have a good experience, they are more likely to return to the restaurant in the future and recommend it to others. Good food and good vibes can help create a positive impression that will keep people coming back.
  5. Venues that pay homage to being sustainable by using recycled furniture and show respect to the environment is now becoming popular in cities and in particular in Dubai which will be host to the upcoming COP 28.

Overall, good food and good vibes are essential for creating a positive experience that will keep people coming back to a restaurant and recommending it to others. We have dedicated professionals who deliver warm, genuine hospitality every day as meeting our guests’ needs is our goal. Not only are we passionate about hospitality, we also ensure our Group does it consciously with environment friendly initiatives.

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