In line with the UN General Assembly’s “2030 Agenda” and underlying Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sheikh Sultan Bin Rashed Bin Humaid Al-Nuaumi has appointed the Hilshaw Group as Sustainability Advisors for Green Developments.


Hilshaw is mandated to develop a Sustainability Roadmap to serve as a blueprint for upcoming projects.


Sheikh Sultan Bin Rashed Bin Humaid Al-Nuaumi recently announced the formation of the UAE Strat 2071 ‘Think Tank’; a forum of experts that research and develop strategies to enhance UAE’s global impact through leadership in humanitarian and environmental efforts. The Think Tank aims to consolidate cooperation with international organizations and instil a passion for progress within the Country’s youth and future generations. 


Hilshaw’s appointment will focus on developing Environmental Sustainability as an industry and supporting the UAE NET ZERO 2050 mission. Hilshaw’s mandate is to develop multidisciplinary carbon monetizing frameworks to make sustainable development and businesses gratifying in more ways than one. The process would involve developing and designing Public-Private Partnerships to enable the visions of the leadership to become a reality.


“In the words of our great leader and founding father, Sheikh Zayed – “History is a continuous chain of events. The present is only an extension of the past.” Similarly, the future is merely a reflection of the decisions and actions we take today. Hilshaw Group has assisted several cities by accelerating them on the road to a sustainable future. It is my pleasure to entrust them with the responsibility that will allow us to exceed the global environmental criteria and vision,” said Sheikh Sultan Bin Rashed Bin Humaid Al-Nuaumi.


“Support and funding design for green projects across the world is our business. But being appointed to do the same for the nation, Hilshaw calls home, is an honour and a privilege. We take pride in being appointed as Sustainability Advisors and commit ourselves towards the development of our mandate,” said Dr Lal Bhatia, Chairman, Hilshaw Group


Sheikh Sultan Bin Rashed Bin Humaid Al-Nuaumi is a distinguished member of a Royal family of Ajman and has made significant contributions to the real estate industry. He has also been involved in various health, education, and law enforcement initiatives, including providing free healthcare services, participating in the establishment of a police department, and contributing to the construction of hotels and ports.


Dr Lal Bhatia is a global thought leader, investor and innovator who has conceptualized and developed new business models in challenging environments. Dr Bhatia’s core competencies include New-Ventures, Team Building, Change Management, Tactical Acquisitions, Good Governance and Strategy. As a strategic thinker with strong ethical standards and a focus on results, Dr Bhatia has been advocating sustainable development and carbon monetization as the Chairman of the Hilshaw Group. 



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