Leading residential real estate Buying and Investment Agency London Central Portfolio targets GCC residents as London property sales surge

Leading London-based real estate buying and investment agency, London Central Portfolio (LCP), shares insights on the London property market with GCC based clients, investors and family offices.

LCP is renowned among London’s premier real estate buying agencies for its track record in smart sourcing and acquiring, refurbishing and meticulously managing prime residences for international investors.

Specialising exclusively in ‘Prime Central London’ comprising the two boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster, the agency has become the leading expert in what is almost certainly the most sought-after international real estate market in the world. 

“London still remains a favourite destination among GCC residents with its distinctive and diverse culture. For investors who are sensitive about the timing of their investments, now is widely considered to be a low point in the historic cycle. Prices have already begun to recover post-pandemic and Brexit uncertainty,” says Andrew Weir, Chief Executive of London Central Portfolio.

In addition to softer pricing, there is what could be considered an additional discount for USD denominated buyers as sterling has weakened. At time of writing this could represent a discount of 23% compared with the exchange in January of 2022.

“The city is both convenient for business and education. Those running a global enterprise from London benefit from GMT time zone. UK schools and universities are also highly regarded across the globe. Many people from the GCC have been educated or attended university here and wish the same for their children,” continues Andrew Weir.

“Buying a property overseas isn’t short of challenges, let alone when you’re buying from afar. Underpinning all of this is the unavoidable fact that it is very difficult – if not impossible – to build new homes within the historic centre of London. The nature of a constrained resource creates a floor to pricing,” adds Naomi Heaton, Founder & Chair of London Central Portfolio.

“With our ear to the ground and in-depth knowledge of the market, we know whether the asking price is reasonable, how easily the property will re-sell and whether it’s likely to gain value. For over 30 years, our team of expert buyers’ agents have helped clients navigate the complex market and deliver on our track record of delivering strong historic capital appreciation,” says Naomi Heaton. LCP’s unique ‘one stop’ service for investors and home buyers extends from property search and acquisition to hands-on project management with creative refurbishment and design, letting and management – for those seeking exclusive prime London property.

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