TikTok Showcases Safety and Well-Being Tools at Interactive Event

TikTok reinforced their commitment to the safety and digital well-being of their community earlier this week as they hosted guests to learn and test their knowledge of the platform’s safety and digital well-being features during an interactive event.

Guests took part in a fun-filled afternoon with collaborative sessions and digital activations held at the TikTok Lounge in Dubai where they learned first-hand about TikTok’s wide range of safety features and well-being tools available to users.

TikTok gave attendees the chance to compete against each other on the first-ever life-sized TikTok board game where players tested their knowledge of TikTok’s safety features and well-being tools including TikTok’s “Family Pairing” feature which allows parents and teens to customize their safety settings based on individual needs. Players ‘collected 1 follower’ for every question correctly answered, or ‘lost followers’ if they chose the wrong game card. 

During these activities, attendees were also reminded of the different family safety and well-being features available on the platform that ensure a customised viewing experience for all its users. The “Restricted Mode” feature, for instance, allows users to limit the appearance of content that may not be suitable, while the option of selecting who can send you “Direct Messages” are only available to registered accounts who are 16 and older – and it’s one of the features that a parent or caregiver can restrict or turn off with Family Pairing. Moreover, the platform provides an in-app feature to “Filter All Comments” so that comments are not displayed unless approved by the video creator, and users can create a custom list of keywords so that comments containing these words are also automatically hidden.

Guests in attendance left the event with a greater understanding of TikTok’s commitment to the digital well-being of their community and gained deeper knowledge of the tools TikTok provides to ensure a safe and positive experience on the platform for users and their families.

For more information about all the settings and features available to our community, you can visit the Safety Center on TikTok.

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