Emarat with PINZA!

Gear up for a healthy treat on your next refueling trip

Consumers are becoming increasingly educated on what they are putting in their bodies and are more mindful about their choice of food. When it comes to convenience, even though fuel stations have always been a solid choice for on-the-go foods, their choices are generally limited to snacks and quick bites.

To challenge the norm and offer healthier alternatives to food purchased at fuel stations, KCG, the parent company of locally grown PINZA! is teaming up with Emarat to offer customers a whole new level of culinary delight across Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Expanding their healthy and nutritious food offering to around 50 Bakeria locations across Dubai and the Northern Emirates with PINZA!, Emarat service stations will have an added dose of fresh and tasty goodness and various options to choose from.

Serving the PINZA! magic at various locations means customers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates can tend to their health-conscious and discerning food needs with nutritious options and excellent service. Through this partnership, PINZA! looks forward to serving freshly baked, on-site, on-demand products that are both healthy and nutritious.

The collaboration seeks to open avenues of growth for PINZA! as it responds to the market demand for excellent and honest products, while also allowing Emarat, as federal government cooperation, to promote and support sustainable and locally grown ventures like PINZA!.

As one of the UAE’s most-loved food brands, PINZA! is in a class all of its own: it’s neither a pizza nor a flatbread. The modern foodie’s answer to a wholesome, guilt-free, and delicious food, PINZA! will now be available for customers to find at a grab-and-go retail environment. While customers refuel their vehicles, they can enjoy a freshly cooked hand-made PINZA – all in a matter of minutes.

PINZA! is known for its signature hand-kneaded crust. The secret is the 80% water to 20% flour that ensures a crisp, light, easy-to-digest, healthier and tastier base. Experts scoured Italy for the best-cured meats such as the bresaola and beef pepperoni, and the best Italian tomatoes and cheeses. Vegetables are sourced locally when possible, ensuring that only the freshest GMO-free veggies and herbs are selected for the toppings.

The next time you take a refuelling trip to one of the nearby Emarat stations or just happen to pass by one during your long drives across the emirates, hop into Bakeria, and get ready for some fresh, appetising PINZA!.

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