Dubai-based businessman wins UAE’s 10-year Golden Visa

The Dubai-based Dutch businessman Bilal Moti has been granted a 10-year Golden Visa in the UAE.

Bilal Moti, the Managing Partner of Windmills Valuation Services, is a long term resident of the UAE.

He said: My family and I are truly delighted to receive a 10-year Golden Visa by the UAE authorities. “We feel further welcomed for living and doing business here, and adding our part of professional and social value to the unparalleled growth and development of this country.”

I chose to set up my valuation services business in the UAE based on its internationalism, professionalism and its fastest growing market size, and am very happy with my decision. I foresee the local economy multiplying in the coming 10 years,” Moti added.

 The UAE has transformed into one of global business hubs over the last 30 years, with safety, business- friendly regulations, advanced infrastructure, diversity, excellence in many economic sectors, and no income tax environment as its most competitive offerings.

Dubai was the first city in the region, which offered expatriates a freehold right on real estate properties almost 20 years ago, freehold ownership of business in free-zone areas about 10 years ago, and now the first one again to allow businessmen with 100% ownership of their companies. These macro initiatives surely promote stability and longevity of the foreign investment, and must lead to expansion in business in the UAE by leaps and bounds in the next decade.

Expo 2020 will be yet another historical showcase of country’s competitive advantages and fast developing market to the international community.

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