A year of new opportunities – Global associate program by the MECS+R

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers launches the Global Associate Program to enhance its member’s benefits

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers (MECS+R) is launching a new program to enhance the benefits to existing members and decision-makers and provide a new opportunity for all levels of stakeholders to get involved with the Council.

David Macadam – CEO of MECS+R says, “We are so excited to launch a revolutionary program, unlike our industry has done before. We are stripping away the barriers; the filters and bringing you a platform that is authentic and complete with all the educations and connections you need. We welcome feedback from our supporters and partners to make the Global Associate Program more member-friendly!”

The Global Associate Program (GAP), through MECS+R’s vast network, will be available to all businesses and individuals worldwide. In lieu of these opportunities, the MECS+R is expanding its footprint from the Middle East and North Africa region to better serve its members and support their businesses across the globe. The program features unlimited number of membership per registration and an entirely new set of benefits designed to support each member’s journey to professional development.  

What kind of value does Global Associate Program provide to you, personally and professionally?

The MECS+R is pleased to offer companies and businesses the opportunity to join the council as an Associate Members. The GAP is a special category of membership in line with our 2021 theme ‘Year of New Opportunities’. As part of this initiative, the MECS+R GAP would like to provide a platform with unlimited benefits to all retail professionals and businesses to network, collaborate, learn, engage and exchange ideas with other fellow members.

Membership is on a company basis and will automatically include all individuals belonging to the same group nominated by their respective companies to become associate members.

How does becoming a GAP Member benefit my business?

Unlimited Training Access: Stay up to date with the latest strategies, techniques and tools to grow your business by taking a variety of workshops and classes. GAP provides you with unlimited access to training modules about shopping centre management, operations, leasing, marketing, F&B, customer service, retail planning and security.

Unlimited Online Resources: Loaded with more information, GAP provides unlimited access to events, news updates and research references. MECS+R GAP also maintains a presence on social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Unlimited Individual Registration: Sign-up with no additional fee for your team members within the same retail group/company to join the GAP.

Unlimited Networking Opportunities: Connect, engage and collaborate with various networking forums available within the GAP platform.

Automatic Subscription to MECS+R’s Retail Publications: GAP entitles you to complimentary sign-ups to Retail People Magazine and MECS+R Directory including access to various MECS+R platforms such as webinars, podcasts, virtual conferences and many more.

Special Member Discounts: Get exclusive discounts and promotions from GAP strategic partners & supporters.

Retail Congress MENA Conferences and Exhibition: 50% Discount for all-inclusive Passes (Kick-off Cocktail Reception, Pre-Conference Workshop, Conferences, Exhibition, Gala and Awards Dinner).

MECS+R Bridging the GAP! Expanding opportunities for everyone in the Shopping Centre & Retail Industry

Join Now and become a member of the Global Associate Program by the MECS+R!

Our 27 years of experience in the retail industry has allowed us to create our unique proposition, offering a member benefits program exclusive to the retail professional network. In line with this, the MECS+R would like to provide you with the opportunities to grow your business, expand your networks and market your brand through our member benefits program.

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