Collaboration is Driving Digital Transformation, says FVC

Increase in adoption of ‘Smart Meeting Rooms’ and ‘Huddle Spaces’  

FVC, a leading value-added-distributor (VAD) in the Middle East and Africa, has revealed that adoption of enterprise collaboration solutions has significantly increased owing to a rise in digital transformation initiatives across the region. During its annual review and recent TechTalk series, FVC revealed that an increasing number of businesses were investing in ‘Smart Meeting Rooms; and ‘Huddle Spaces’ in a bid to enhance employee productivity, reduce costs and achieve better outcomes. The company also revealed that IT security solutions was the other crucial investment that organizations made to safeguard their evolving IT environments.

“Discussions at our recently concluded TechTalks revealed that organizations are adopting a more human-centric approach. They are reimagining and evolving their internal processes, culture and structure to better serve their customers, and create a productive work environment for their employees,” says K.S. Parag, Managing Director, FVC. “The use of smart workplace and mobility solutions are taking collaboration to the next level and is driving these organizations’ DX journey. Owing to today’s fast-paced work environment, we are seeing ‘Huddle Rooms’ becoming especially popular for spontaneous collaboration and for being size and budget-friendly. As the preferred partner for Digital Transformation solutions, FVC is playing a central role in helping our channel partners provide customers with the essential technologies to facilitate their DX initiative.”

During 2018, FVC also witnessed a growing demand for IT security solutions, corresponding to high demand from customers for cloud security solutions and DDos protection.

“We’ve invested in growing our portfolio in 2018 to correspond with the demand for world-class security, collaboration and communications solutions from organizations across verticals and geographies. We believe the strategic new and existing relationships formed with vendors across the UCC, AV, and IT security domains has helped FVC provide industry leading collaboration solutions that seamlessly work together; this reinforces FVC’s ‘Strength in Synergy’ approach,” said Parag. “Looking forward, as technologies evolve so will we continue to provide our partners and customers with solutions to help accelerate their business productivity, and services to ease the DX transition.”

FVC has a comprehensive UCC portfolio which includes industry-leading vendors such as Polycom, Logitech, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Ribbon, and Yeahlink, while its Audio-Video vendor portfolio includes Sony, SMART Technologies, Yamaha, Barco, Prysm, and biamp. FVC also have a strong IT Infrastructure and Security portfolio that includes Silverpeak, Extreme Networks, NetScout, Sonicwall, BeyondTrust, and Radware.


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