Walid Al Zarooni member of the FABCI

Walid Al Zarooni, Chairman of “W Capital” the real estate brokerage, has been selected as a member in the International Real Estate Federation-FABCI.

“I am delighted to be selected as a member of the International Real Estate Federation, which is a business networking organization for global real estate professionals,” said real estate expert Walid Al Zarooni, Chairman of W Capital.

Al Zarooni stated that the International Real Estate Federation is also one of the strongest federations, headquartered in Paris. It is a global organization comprising 165 institutions and professional and academic bodies from 65 countries, with 1.5 million members around the world.

He pointed out that the federation is known as the most important and largest federation in the world. Since being established in 1951, the organization has been keen to work closely with the United Nations and is the only international real estate agency that has an advisory capacity with the United Nations in real estate affairs.

 The federation organizes all real estate professions, such as developers, brokers, property management and others.

The International Real Estate Federation is one of the world’s largest real estate entities, with members representing leading real estate companies, investors, architects, property management agencies, government agencies and real estate industry experts.

Waleed Al Zarooni is a real estate expert certified by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).He is also the author of “Secrets of the Smart Real Estate Investor”.

Al Zarooni is one of the first professionals to harness social media to educate the public interested in real estate, by providing almost daily free advice in the real estate sector, and  useful sector  through videos and real estate advice, on platforms such as “Instagram” and “Snapchat” ,” Twitter”, which is the most platform used by him.

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