World Peace begins in Africa

World Peace Tracts has begun formulating the Pan African Peace Accords, which builds a multinational cross border pathway for peace that includes all of the stakeholders.

Africa must work together to solve problems, grow economically and become prosperous for all its citizens. World Peace Tracts has started the process by creating the Pan African Peace Accords, which will help bring about a political and economic cooperation solution for peace and capital acquisition opportunities for families across Africa.

Africa has been torn apart by war and poverty. In the past 50 years, Africa has seen more than 500 conflicts that killed more than 10 million people. The Pan African Peace Accords has been formed to develop Peaceful financing tools that can build Chad, Sudan, South Sudan and the Central African Republic as a pilot for building economies in Africa.

WPT has teamed up with innovative financial solutions from AEEX Gold Coin and “Weownomy” social media platform, A new gold coin social currency with the objective of solving many of the economic problems facing developing countries.

HE Ssemakula Luyima our World Peace Ambassador of South Africa and founder of AEEX and Weownonmy

Sir Patrick Bijou is the Chief Ambassador of the UK and the Director General of Europe for World Peace Tracts. He is an international financial manager, a redemption judge for the ICC-ICJ and the author of many books in the fields of business, finance and many fiction titles.

An Interview with Sir Patrick Bijou

Tell us about your journey as a Peacemaker.

Sir P. Bijou: Since my childhood world peace has been an aspiration of many – an idealist yearning placed on bumper stickers and touted by beauty pageant winners. But despite it being such a common desire, wars have increased steadily year-by-year, decade-by-decade.

I joined World Peace Tracts because I believe in their motto of ״Peace Through Understanding״  Many conflicts stem from a misunderstanding. If we all act in love and fairness and treat others as we want to be treated, the more world peace we will have. Beginning in the hearts and minds.

As time marches forward, so does the march of war and the threats of wars worldwide. Most people are unaware that the wars in Africa have not ended; rather they have become so commonplace that they are not viewed as newsworthy.

We can do very little to achieve peace on a global scale on our own. The solution will be to work in tandem to inspire ceasefires, to redefine power, and restore faith in the heart of humanity.

What is World Peace Tracts?

Sir P. Bijou: It is a worldwide NGO Founded in Sweden nearly 15 years ago in 2007. We founded in Sweden because Sweden is a neutral country which is inline with our stance of neutrality and non biased, non-political approach to peacemaking.

What sets World Peace Tracts apart from other NGOs?

Sir P. Bijou: Unlike other organizations that opine on politics and take political stances, WPT stays neutral and does not express its opinions favoring one government or another. Even in cases where one side may be clearly at fault or clearly the aggressor, it does not further our goals to deconflict tension, stop wars and release captives. We believe that by maintaining our staunch, unbiased, non-political, non-partisan approach to diplomacy better serves our mission.

What does World Peace Tracts do?

Sir P. Bijou: World Peace Tracts has a three point formula for cultivating peace. Our Peace Tracts, which are short messages that are used to dispel hatred. PeacePaks, which are vital supplies used to support victims of war and Peace Diplomacy. Our citizen diplomatic core of over 600 world peace ambassadors worldwide support our mission.

How can others support this world peace mission?

Sir P. Bijou: We welcome the partnership of high calibre individuals and the corporate community to join us in Peacemaking.

Peacemaking is recognized as the highest form of philanthropic activity. We are effective because we only accept socially responsible companies and committed VIPs to be our World Peace Ambassadors. We have a registration and interview process. If you are fortunate enough to be accepted as one of our statesmen and women, you will be backed by a World Peace Family and headquarters providing unparalleled protection and recognition.

11 thoughts on “World Peace begins in Africa

  1. Indeed, if we all African start to uniting and hold our hands together there will be nothing can block our valuable and our peace and by doing this it’ll constructing our way to reform up a World peace Organisation again and as we knows where’s peace it’s also where you can find all we need through out the World then we’ll much now as Technology is implemented evrywhere i hope it’ll make sense in our living.


  2. I believe if we all act in love and fairness and treat others as we want to be treated, the more world peace we will have. Beginning in the hearts and minds. From Co owner Weownomy Platform


  3. This on is a goid step to help many africsns suffering from wars and porverty.i would like to see myself acting together with some ambassadors of this NGO.please recogise me.


  4. I’m Wagstan Guillin Irankunda,

    This platform has advanced motivations which are basically and gifted mostly to people whom had been permanently struggling in their countryside through wars. One of the motivation I’ve read it is this:
    Most people are unaware that the wars in Africa have not ended; rather they have become so commonplace that they are not viewed as newsworthy.

    Yes, this is undeniable truth; we are not newsworthy ever since.

    I would thank this Gentleman Patrick Bijou in advance at this hardworking.

    I wish I join this. May these in charge share me a link please!


  5. Indeed we can if we own economy.
    Proudly Co Owner of Weownomy platform.

    It’s time for Africa. Amandla Weownomy Amandla


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