Black Coffee by Café Younes has it all

Black Coffee has all points covered for its coffee loving customers.

Now that nearby construction work has ended, access is easy to the coffee lovers’ favourite destination.

Good, fresh coffee, any way you want it to taste and savour on site or grab and go for those in a hurry.

Have the freshly roasted beans or ground coffee from Honduras, Indonesia, Columbia, Rawanda or Italy delivered to your door by online ordering at

Business and shopping lunches are amply catered for with a wide variety of delicious freshly prepared meals.  Sweet treats including irresistible cakes and healthy brownies, which Black Coffee by Café Younes do so well, are also a must-try.

Their latest offer for would-be home baristas is a free bag of coffee with every purchase of coffee-making equipment to produce a great drink at home. Experienced and helpful baristas are always on hand to answer all queries and are a mine of information.

The ever-popular Coffee Master Class is an opportunity for aficionados to get up close and personal with the bean. Black Coffee by Café Younes take great pride in introducing their customers to their single origin and blends   from around the globe. Select the bean, roast it, grind it, brew your very own cup of coffee and finally take home a complementary bag of your creation. Ask on site or go to their website to reserve your place and be a barista for a day.

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