Leading French Menswear Brand now in Dubai

Catering to the needs of today’s stylish gentlemen, Celio, themodern, urban, leading French menswear brand has launched its third UAE store at Al Ghurair Centre. The brand’s second pop-up located on the ground floor provides an authentic shopping experience, offering seasonal apparel that caters to the needs of today’s stylish and trendy gentlemen.

Designed for the man of today, Celio combines its signature style with trendy and timeless designs to reinvent the essentials of a man’s wardrobe. Celio has positioned itself as the number one denim destination, offering an extensive and rich collection of pure, essential denim.

With a promise to offer the best quality at affordable prices, Celio continues to evolve into an ultra-modern brand that’s attentive to the needs of its customers. “Accompanying men in their day-to-day lives has always been part of Celio’s DNA. Those day-to-day lives have changed, so Celio must change as well. Celio is asserting itself as a space where men can have fun with fashion. We want to help them develop their own confident style by playing around with fashion’s rules,” explained Gaëlle de la Fosse, CEO of Celio.

With points of sale in 50 countries worldwide, today Celio celebrates its presence with more than 1223 stores and a 4,000 employee workforce committed to one unified performance, an incredible wealth of cultures and skills that contribute significantly to Celio’s success.

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