Aruba Appoints Rabih Itani to Develop Security Business in Middle East and Turkey

In its latest show of commitment to advancing its much needed 360 Secure Fabric solutions and propositions in Middle East and Turkey, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has appointed Rabih Itani to lead its Security business development across the region. Rabih Itani is a network and security industry veteran who is tasked with helping organizations reduce risk in today’s changing threat landscape and address new and unknown threats.

Osama AlHaj-Issa, Regional Channel Director, Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa region at Aruba says, “In his previous role at Aruba, Rabih has achieved great success in growing the Telco business in very challenging market conditions. While with his previous employer, he has had the distinction of spearheading the first deployment of many network security solutions in the region. Rabih possesses the perfect blend of deep technical knowledge of intelligent edge security solutions combined with a sharp business mindset and I believe he will be instrumental in driving our security business to new and greater heights as he helps regional organizations combat a sophisticated cyber threat landscape”.

Rabih is an ICT industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. Rabih enjoys a track record of leading many of the first and largest network and security deployments in the Middle East and has led this region’s first transformation effort towards mobility defined systems and processes. He joined Aruba in early 2012 as system engineering manager for the Telco sector across Middle East and Turkey and rose to manage the business in 2015. During this period, Rabih successfully engaged with leading telecommunication providers and positioned Aruba as a leader across the region in providing next generation seamless and secure public Wi-Fi hotspot services.

Aruba sees the security business as a huge growth area for the company. It is changing the security landscape with the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric, an enterprise security framework that gives security and IT teams with an integrated and more comprehensive way to gain visibility and control of their networks and the users and devices that connect to them. Aruba is the only vendor that combines a complete campus, branch, and cloud-connected network infrastructure with built-in security, advanced threat detection and response and secure network access control. Aruba 360 Secure Fabric offers security and IT teams an integrated way to quickly detect and respond to advanced cyberattacks from pre-authorization to post-authorization across multi-vendor infrastructures, supporting enterprises of all sizes.

In earlier days, it used to be a matter of defending the castle (the corporate network) with a moat (security products at the entrance and exits). Now it’s about protecting a borderless, uncontained collection of employees, contractors and partners – all using multiple devices from anywhere, at any time – from outside and within the secure boundaries of the corporate network.

For this reason, Aruba is innovating in User and Entity Behavioural Analytics (UEBA) and is introducing its “IntroSpect” product family to the Middle East and Turkey market. Aruba “IntroSpect” integrates advanced AI-based machine learning, pinpoint visualizations and instant forensic insight into a single solution. Attacks involving malicious, compromised or negligent users, systems and devices are found and remediated before they damage the operations and reputation of the organization.

“I am excited to lead Aruba’s security business in the region amidst the major challenges organizations are facing in controlling their networks and the users and devices that connect to them. We are seeing an increased interest in our security solutions as more and more organizations in the Middle East from different verticals and across all sizes are realizing the importance of protecting their networks, at the internet edge as well as from inside threats. They see Aruba as a vendor that not only can provide the speeds and feeds of a LAN or a WLAN infrastructure, but also deliver a true intelligent network edge – an edge that is secured 360 degrees,” says Rabih Itani, Regional Business Development Manager – Security, Middle East and Turkey at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Aruba’s focus in the upcoming year will be to accelerate and extend its reach to organizations in need of the company’s 360 Secure Fabric by fine tuning the capabilities of Aruba’s strong channel partners and increasing market awareness of its security solutions. In parallel, as vendor partnerships and alliances are critical in the security space, Aruba will be aligning its go to market strategy with its technology alliance partners to bring together best-of-breed solutions to customers and provide an end-to-end security proposition.


Photo Caption: Rabih Itani, newly appointed Regional Business Development Manager – Security, Middle East and Turkey at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company


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