2018 is the Year of the ‘Always-On Cloud’

By: Paul Mattes, VP of Global Cloud Group, Veeam Cloud computing was really born just over ten years ago, after a few stumbles and early course corrections, the pace of innovation is now accelerating dramatically. Enterprises’ increasing reliance on the cloud to deliver the simplicity and efficiency their customers and partners demand now means that data protection and availability are pivotal concerns. Any firm can have the best, AI-based customer intelligence platform in the world, but if it’s not available for days, the value is lost. But as the cloud computing landscape continues to rapidly evolve, no-one really knows for … Continue reading 2018 is the Year of the ‘Always-On Cloud’

Why Change-Hungry Young Generations are the Key to Unlocking Growth

By ‎Sabby Gill, Executive Vice President (EVP) International, ‎Epicor Software The struggle to recruit skilled workers is a recurring concern for manufacturing businesses across the world. An EEF report recently revealed that three-quarters of manufacturers have struggled to recruit skilled workers in the last three years. This industry analysis suggests that manufacturers are dealing with a lack of both quantity and quality when it comes to applicants, with not enough people applying for roles and job-seekers lacking the technical skills required to fill available vacancies. The report cautions that manufacturers’ plans to drive productivity improvements and to capitalise on Industry … Continue reading Why Change-Hungry Young Generations are the Key to Unlocking Growth