A10 Networks Launches A10 Thunder 1040 TPS appliance Delivering Advanced Hybrid DDoS Protection for Enterprises

A10 Thunder® 1040 TPS appliance features the A10 DDoS Protection Cloud powered by Verisign, that combines surgical precision on-premise protection with orchestrated cloud scrubbing, delivered in form factors and subscription models that are cost effective. Unlike other cloud-based DDoS protection services, A10 DDoS Protection Cloud, which is powered by Verisign’s cloud-based DDoS Protection Service, is based on legitimate traffic, so enterprises do not pay for the amount of traffic that attacks apply against their network. When attacks grow beyond an organization’s bandwidth capacity, A10 DDoS Protection Cloud kicks in to defend against volumetric attacks.


  • MAINTAIN SERVICE AVAILABILITY – Downtime results in immediate productivity and revenue loss for any business. Thunder TPS ensures service availability by automatically spotting anomalies across the traffic spectrum and mitigating multi-vector DDoS attacks.
  • DEFEAT GROWING ATTACKS Thunder TPS protects the largest, most-demanding network environments. Thunder TPS offloads common attack vectors to specialized hardware, allowing its powerful, multicore CPUs to distinguish legitimate users from attacking botnets and complex application-layer attacks that require resource-intensive deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • SCALABLE PROTECTION Select Thunder TPS hardware models benefit from our Security and Policy Engine (SPE) hardware acceleration, leveraging FPGA-based FTA technology and other hardware-optimized packet-processing for highly scalable flow distribution and hardware DDoS protection capabilities.
  • DEPLOY WARTIME SUPPORT No organization has unlimited trained personnel or resources during real-time DDoS attacks. Thunder TPS supports five levels of programmatic mitigation escalation and de-escalation per protected zone. Remove the need for frontline personnel to make time-consuming manual changes to escalating mitigation strategies and improve response times during attacks. Administrators have the option to manually intervene and coordinate with A10’s DDoS Security Incident Response Team (DSIRT) at any stage of an attack.
  • REDUCE SECURITY OPEX Thunder TPS is extremely efficient. It delivers high performance in a small form factor to reduce OPEX with significantly lower power usage, rack space and cooling requirements.


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