Tailor made solutions for Experience Centres

Zero.1 Launches ART4U App

Sourcing credible and innovative suppliers for experience centres has always been challenging and having worked in the museum and science centre field for nine years, getting the right technology was the highest priority.

Recently, UAE-based technology company Zero.1 has developed a LiFi enabled App, ART4U, specifically tailored for museum, cultural centre and gallery environments.

Hot on the heels of its Smart City IOTA street light and City.1 App launch, Zero.1’s ART4U App delivers a personalised experience for visitors and an added value management solution for museum operators.

According to Marc Fleschen, CEO of Zero.1, Museum and cultural centres are an essential ingredient for a vibrant city, engaging citizens and visitors alike, whether it is reflecting on our heritage, celebrating artistic creativity, or taking a glimpse into our future, such venues provide an opportunity for education, stimulation and conversations.

Most of the clients I worked with for science centres requested an educational and interactive experience. We deal with an ipad generation and the old-fashioned posters and illustrations are not appealing to them anymore.

ART4U was developed for a connected audience. Not only is it capable of delivering a tour guide either in audio or text and in multiple languages, ART4U allows users to personalise their tour. Users can select a quick tour or full tour options, or choose a particular type of exhibit, for example, Art or Sculpture.  With that information, the App will then create an individual tour guide and a timeline for the tour.

Users can even choose to have extra information for their favourite exhibits, or artists, enabling the App to provide additional content such as articles and videos and photography, which can be downloaded directly to their smart phone camera roll. The ART4U App is activated through a LiFi beacon positioning system.

For museum managers, ART4U enables a better understanding of visitor behaviour and traits. Managers can identify the venue’s hot and cold zones, and best and least favoured exhibits and services. The App can be easily updated when new exhibits are installed or existing exhibits change location.

LiFi enabled, ART4U brings with it added data security; LiFi Data transmissions does do not travel between walls so the museum data is more secure, and unlike Radio Frequency data transfer technology, such as WIFI, LiFi does not generate any electromagnetic smog. Physical security is also aided with the connection of live feed cameras, and beacons, which alert if an exhibit is disturbed or moved.

The technology certainly changes the way we look at experience centres in the future.

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